Interstellar (2014) Directed by: Christopher Nolan Genre: Science-Ficton, Drama Christopher Nolan, the director best know for The Dark Knight (2008),  The Dark Knight Rises (2012),  and Inception (2010), enlightens our screens with the sci-fi, adventure Interstellar, which might arguably be one of the greatest cinematic experiences of the year; Interstellar.  Set in the near future Interstellar takes […]

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Gone Girl

Gone Girl (2014) Directed by: David Fincher Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery Distributor 20th Century Fox International (UK) Gone Girl raced to the top of the box office in the opening weekend. Suited for adult and what would assumably be predominantly female audiences, Gone Girl edged over other releases that weekend. Gone Girl has become director David […]

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Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers (2013) Director: Harmony Korine  Genre: Drama, Comedy From the director of Gummo (1997) comes Spring Breakers, bringing an authorial style to a film that appears to have an artistic mask over a feature film. Four female college students Cotty, Candy, Brit and Faith(Rachel Korine, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez) prepare for their spring break as […]

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All Good Things

All Good Things (2010) Director: Andrew Jarecki  Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller Andrew Jarecki; a name I wasn’t entirely familiar with, he is probably known most for producing the hit documentary film Catfish (2010). Whilst Jarecki has directed and produced mainly documentaries he brings All Good Things onto our screens with a respectable cast including the […]

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Argo (2012) Director: Ben Affleck Genre: Thriller/Drama/History In 1979 six American officials escape from the US embassy in Tehran as it were taken over by a mob who kept the remaining officials hostage. As the six officials escaped they found themselves stuck at a Canadian ambassador’s residence due to them not being able to leave […]

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[REC] (2007) Director: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza Genre: Horror The spanish horror shown as found footage and shot with a handheld camera immediately demands attention from the viewer. It follows a television reporter named Angela and her cameraman Pablo who are covering a shift at a local fire station for a documentary when the fire […]

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