Heathers (1988) Director: Michael Lehmann Genre: Black Comedy, Teen film, Comedy, Crime-Fiction Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count. Veronica Sawyer¬†(Winona Ryder) sells out her friends to become part of her high schools popular clique. Her new friends known as the Heathers, are a vicious clique that Veronica begins to hate. […]

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Gone Girl

Gone Girl (2014) Directed by: David Fincher Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery Distributor¬†20th Century Fox International (UK) Gone Girl raced to the top of the box office in the opening weekend. Suited for adult and what would assumably be predominantly female audiences, Gone Girl edged over other releases that weekend. Gone Girl has become director David […]

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All Good Things

All Good Things (2010) Director: Andrew Jarecki¬† Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller Andrew Jarecki; a name I wasn’t entirely familiar with, he is probably known most for producing the hit documentary film Catfish (2010). Whilst Jarecki has directed and produced mainly documentaries he brings All Good Things onto our screens with a respectable cast including the […]

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