Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies (2013)

Director: Jonathan Levine

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance, Drama

Warm Bodies follows the lonely thoughts of R(Nicholas Hoult) the one lettered named zombie who begins to come alive again when he meets human Julie(Teresa Palmer) who instantly sparks something in R after he kills and eats her dead boyfriends brains.

The story of the film is simple yet some of the elements are new and intriguing such as when the zombies eat the brains, they receive the memories of the persons brain they’re eating. For R this is quite troubling as he is eating Julie’s ex boyfriends brains who he is rapidly falling for.


There is a reasonable amount of humour but it lacks any scares or frights of a zombie film. It’s defiantly more of a rom-com suited for teenage girls especially with the leading role Nicholas Hoult known amongst teenagers for his role as Tony in TV’s Channel 4’s hit show Skins and has another leading role in a film that will release later this year; Jack the Giant Slayer. Hoult dominates the film with his impressive performance and his lack of blinking staring sharply and drifting around the characters thoughts whilst managing to stay connected with the viewers the entire time. On the other hand there was something dislikable about Julie played by Teresa Palmer whose most notable performance is probably that of number 6 in I Am Number Four(2011)her character lacks personality to begin with although does develop along the way but this is due to the film mainly focussing on Hoult.  Supporting actress Analeigh Tipton is only seen in a few scenes as a human friend of Julie’s, but theres a quality to her acting which causes me to question whether she would have perhaps been better for the role of Julie.

Warm Bodies is an enjoyable light hearted romantic zombie flick that requires no thinking and simply to sit back and enjoy, just so long as you don’t expect too much from it.


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