Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck -It Ralph (2012)

Director: Rich Moore

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy


Disney brings us another charming animation that follows characters inside an arcade world. Similar to Toy Story, these characters come to life when the arcade closes and thats when Ralph’s adventure begins.

The story follows Ralph from the arcade game Fix it felix who is simply tired of wrecking things. He’s tired of sleeping in the garbage, and tired of being the ‘bad guy’ of his game. He goes after a medal in another game- Hero’s Duty to become accepted in his own game but whilst doing so he releases a cybug into a game called Sugar Rush and looses his medal to a character from Sugar Rush called Vanellope Von Schweetz who uses the medal to join a race and show that she is more than just a glitch. Of course Ralph wants his medal back and decides to help Vanellope race but as she is seen as a ‘danger’ due to her glitching King Candy of Sugar Rush makes her dream of being a racer a little more complicated.

The animation itself is one of the best features of the film. It’s incredibly bold, fresh, exciting and bursting with colours at every moment. The arcade game that disney created called ‘Sugar Rush’ is a candy filled land that is adorably cute and colourful, whilst ‘Hero’s Duty’ is much darker with glowing green elements with a sci-fi feel which is greatly complimented by Skrillex’s Bug Hunt on the soundtrack during one of the scenes where Ralph first enters Hero’s Duty in search of a medal.


Disney gives the film that little extra charm by featuring a few video game characters we all know and love; Pacman, Nintendo’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Bowser and a few others.

The leading characters of the film were developed greatly by the voice actors. Most recognisably Jane Lynch as the feisty Calhoun of Hero’s Duty gave a performance that matched all her others and gave Calhoun that kick-ass personality that we would all expect of Jane Lynch. Sarah Silverman follows with a wonderfully exciting and adorable performance of Vanellope and John C. Reily as Ralph just seems to sit perfectly.

The relationship that builds in the story between Ralph and Vanellope is simply adorable and there was defiantly a moment where Ralph ‘wrecked’ Vanellope’s race car that I sat there to myself thinking “are my eyes welling up?”


Wreck-It Ralph is an unbelievably wonderful child friendly animation and has some nostalgia with its retro video game characters, certainly worth a watch.


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