Skyfall (2012)

Director: Sam Mendes

Genre: Action


James Bond mission requires him to chase down those who have stolen a computer hard drive containing details and identities of British undercover agents. After Bond is shot during an action scene which was less than epic, he is assumed dead. Judi Dench as well performed but unlikeable M is then told by MI6 to retire but refuses to do so until the matter of the mission is finalised and resolved. Bond of course returns and assists M in the continuation of the mission.

So Daniel Craig returns as Bond once again only to give a dry, dull and uninspiring performance as the British action hero.

Perhaps it’s not completely Craig’s fault, perhaps its purely down to the drab, colourless, flat personality and character of James Bond, but Craig’s worn, tiresome performance doesn’t help one bit.

Daniel Craig’s performance of Bond may have been a disappointment once again but Javier Bardem who appeared as the role of Silva; the Bond enemy this time role played a convincing and engrossing role which gave the film some intelligence and life back.

It’s tiring to watch these bond films now, after Quantum Of Solace, I hardly had my hopes up for an outstanding and exciting experience, which is probably why I wasn’t let down when Skyfall exceeded in meeting my expectations of a film full to the extreme limit of overdone and what felt like completely endless, one after another action scenes.

The opening scene of Bond having a classic action scene of a train and being shot to his supposed death instantly put me off this film, whether this is suppose to be classic or not it certainly wasn’t appealing. As Bond fell into the water and the opening credits began with the depressing sound of Adele, I felt as if I had just tuned into an ITV drama rather than a blockbuster film at the cinema.

Furthermore I found more interest in the film as it moved on at it’s incredibly slow pace but did intact lose me again at the end with the final showdown of a scene at Bonds childhood home for which I found the location somewhat lifeless, but classically British.

Whilst I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed Skyfall any less I don’t think true James Bond films will agree with me on this one at all. I think it’s honest to the franchise and continues to show Bond as he’s always been shown, lacking development but true to originality, Skyfall is a good film for those who actually enjoy the franchise.

Fifty years of Bond and I hope there shall not be fifty more.


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